This is the second of our two Foundation Training days and can be taken once you’ve completed Day 1 BUILDING YOU.

Now that you’ve learned HOW to teach, its time to decide WHAT to teach

Can you cook the perfect pancake, knit a fabulous skarf or a grow a prize winning tomato? Are you a singer, a plumber or great at rounders? Everyone has a skill they can share with others, something they find so easy they don’t think about how useful it might be to other people. We will help you uncover those skills and help you turn them into psycho-socially protective activities.

You will learn how to:
build activities that mirror the self-regulation cycle of the nervous system

create lesson plans and teacher notes

layer in simple language acquisition

create full schemes of work with other participants

Once you have completed this day you will be ready to volunteer in a Crisis Classroom project or to start one of your own.

Our next Day Two Training will take place on Tuesday 2 April 2019 at Brighton University. You can book via Eventbrite for the full 3 day Foundation Package.