This one day training focuses on you as an individual. The foundation of Crisis Classroom is not WHAT you teach, but HOW you teach it. More important than any other skill is the ability to become a safe space for other people. 

People act a little bit like radio masts – our nervous systems are designed to pick up the messages broadcast by other people’s nervous systems. On an unconscious level, this helps us work out if the environment we are in is safe.

Trauma has a very strong signal and it is possible to pick up other people’s trauma if you are not aware of how you are feeling or don’t understand your own signals of overwhelm. This is why we put a lot of attention on the wellbeing of Crisis Classroom teachers and have designed our Framework to keep this at the forefront of your awareness.

In this training you will discover how your environment and experiences affect your capacity to learn and connect with others. You will learn how to:
recognise and regulate trauma , communicate effectively under stress
work in diverse teaching teams
use our unique methodology to become a safe space for learning

This one day training will give you the skills you need to volunteer anywhere with vulnerable people. 

Our next Day One Training will take place on Monday 1 April at Brighton University. You can book via Eventbrite.