Why Train?

“I know what I’m doing, why do I need to complete training to volunteer?”

The more prepared you are before you volunteer the better you will be able to do your job, the more you will get out of the experience and the safer you will be.  When we see people suffering we feel so compelled to help that we want to jump straight in. However, when we take a breath & give ourselves that little bit of extra time to prepare we can achieve so much more.  This is the “put your oxygen mask on first” approach to volunteering.  Your students deserve the very best from their teachers.  Working alongside people who have experienced and are experiencing the effects of trauma is a tough job and it requires a particular set of skills which we will develop during our 3 step training.  You can take each step separately or book them together.  You must take step 1 before step 2 which leads to step 3.

Training & Workshops IN PROGRESS