What We Do

We train volunteers to take education directly to refugees who cannot go to school.  We go into homes, in communities & refugee camps all around the world.


Crisis Classroom takes education where it is needed most.  To those who cannot go to school. We do this by unlocking the skills and expertise within communities & training individuals to become educators who can work anywhere, any time and with anyone. We spent a year in the Calais Jungle developing our methodology and resources in partnership with the people living in the camp.  We subsequently developed a training course so that others could learn how to turn their skills and know-how into psychosocially protective, skills-building, educational activities too.  We believe that education is a partnership which empowers people, through sharing skills and knowledge, to stand on their own two feet and feel human again.  Once trained, our volunteers work with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, people in remote communities, the homeless and all those for whom traditional schooling is inaccessible to provide them with the tools to rebuild and live satisfying lives.  Currently fewer than 1% of refugees over 18 receive any form of education or training.

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